At Valencia Family Dentistry our doctors are highly trained and we offer many levels of Sedation Dentistry for our patients comfort. Stay calm and relaxed while undergoing potentially painful dental procedures. Sedation Dentistry helps to safely reduce pain and anxiety for over 10 million patients a year. With little or no side effects, the popularity of Sedation Dentistry continues grows every year.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Relaxation – Sedation Dentistry reduces stress and anxiety allowing patients to relax.
  • Comfort – Being relaxed with less stress means a more comfortable experience.
  • Movement Control – Sedation minimizes patient movements helping dentists perform quality treatments.
  • Patient Cooperation – An anxious patient can become uncooperative making proper dental care difficult.
  • Control of Gag Reflex – Reducing the gag reflex helps patients relax and dentists to provide quality treatments.

Types Of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry – Known as “Laughing Gas”, it can help you relax and stay calm during your visit to the dentist.

Oral Conscious Sedation-  Our Dr’s have received advanced training in Sedation Dentistry. Pills are given orally to help relieve anxiety. Patients usually don’t remember much about the procedure

IV Sedation Dentistry –  This is our highest level of sedation for ultimate comfort. Dr. Velasquez has received advanced training in IV Sedation Dentistry. She administers anesthesia through an IV in your arm allowing you to peacefully relax as she performs your procedure.

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