Dr. Kendra Velasquez

I was born and raised in Los Lunas, New Mexico. My family are part of the original Spanish settlers of New Mexico. My younger sister and I were raised by my wonderful Mom and Dad who still live in Valencia County. I attended the University of New Mexico where I attained my bachelors of science in biology and then worked as a clinical research coordinator. Dentistry had always been an interest for me and I decided to apply and was accepted into dental school at Creighton University. I always intended to come and give back to the great people of New Mexico and now I am practicing in the very city that I grew up in!
During my free time, I love to travel, hunt, hike, camp, anything outdoors pretty much! I also play guitar, ride atv’s and garden. I am always up for a new experience and love exploring new places!
Dentistry has come such a long way, and there are so many new and exciting treatments that are available to patients now. I love increasing my knowledge of dentistry and believe strongly in good oral hygiene, prevention, and treating the body as a whole in an effort to prevent disease. Utilizing evidence based dentistry, I strive to give my patients the best comprehensive care they deserve and look forward to what the future in dentistry holds.